F – 1116 For sale in Hungary, a real estate in southern Baranya a few kilometers from the croatian border€600.000,00

F – 1116

For sale in Hungary, a real estate in southern Baranya a few kilometers from the croatian border, populous also by german nationalities, directly on the waterfront of the Danube, a total of 2961 m2, with two buildings build in 2012 in mediterran style, with an own privat beach and an exclusive waterfront panorama, well kept garden, in the region and Hungary uniquely nice and cozy, with all public utilities and complete fitment.

The regular rectangular plot is bounded on the northern side by a main road which includes a bicikle path and on the southern side by the Danube river. One building of the summer house complex, which is also perfect for living, serves conditions for living, the other one for recreation, entertainment and hospitality. Due to this in the leisure part of the multi-level buildings on the lower level you can find a vine vault, card room and a panorama terrace with view to the river, on the upper level are premises with eletric shutters and integratable with the terrace, a kitchen with stainless equipment usable for restaurant feature, separated dish up and service rooms, separeted gender social blocks. In the stainless kitchen, which meets all hygienia criteria permitting, all kitchen equipment is Siemens brand, there are also several types of stove, fish oven, wood-fired furnace (oven), duck oven, barbeque so it is perfectly suitable to serve groups of 15-20 people. From the lobbies of the kitchen and dish up rooms we get directly to the covered terrace with a fantastic panorama and a 360 degree view to the Danube and the island at the opposite side.

In the other two level building two flats took place, totally separate and with separated entrances, one is 60 m2 the other 50 m2 floor area. On the lower level is the bigger flat with terrace, tiled stove, it can be reached from the paved parking side which is decorated with ornamentals and it consists of a kitchen-dining-living room, two separated bedrooms, bath room and toilet. The flat on the upper level consists of a kitchen-dining-living room, two separated bedrooms and a bathroom. To this flat belongs a terrace with an eletric shading equipment.

From the main road we get through two eletric gates to the inside parking spaces, one of them is shaded, for 4 vehicles, in the other parking space also 4 vehicles can take place. To the real estate belongs, reachable from the own beach part over an automatic pontoon bridge, a total spaced 75-80 m2 pontoon and boathouse suitable to take into a 6 person catamaran type ship. Due to the water level fluctuation of the Danube the pontoon is self-adjusting automatically, so that we get on land always with dry feet.

In the very well kept, terrace formed ornamental garden a lot of trees, bushes and shrub and other plants take place. Furthermore inside the ground the roads and sidewalks are decorated by individual design and manufactured wrought iron fences and other additional equpments. The external pavements and other visuals furthermore increases the whole individual, mediterran look.

The security of the property is insured with 12 mutli-zone cameras and an alarm connection to the move out service, which is reachable 24 hours a day on WIFI link. The properties are air conditioned, gas heated and have all mod cons. The wooden in- outdoor windows and doors, the cold and warm pavements, sanitery, faucets are all made of quality material, so that the property location, the bulidings and inside the layout of the premises is exclusively for relaxation and resting.

The property is located directly near to a cozy and secure city which has a lot of programs for the citizens and the visitors. It is also well known for its gastronomy! Every need is accessible within 6 km, even on a good established bike path. In the city is a hopistal with a well-equipped helicopter landing pad, german and croatian kindergartens, schools and high schools, museums and exhibitions. Almost all hungarian hypermarkets and the inevitable markets are present. From the property at the distance of 60 m is a local bus stop. For the fishermans and hunters this is a favorite region. Nearby are also a lot of thermal bathes and spas. The motorway is only 7 km away! So it is not fortuitous that this region became in the last years the favorite place for settlement to people from western europe. Based on all these facts this unique real estate we primarely recommending to inqiring who are looking in Hungary for active relaxation and resting or possibly for settlement and are looking for a property which is fully compliant to the 21. centuries technical, architectural and home furnishing expectations and really unique, not comparable with other Danube-beach experience.

Target price: 600.000.- EUR

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