Our approach

Method of our enterprise:
You buy directly of the Hungarian vendor. Due to the fact that we know the Hungarian housing market and culture so well, we are able to negotiate good prices with the vendors. Should you consider buying a house in Hungary, we can also offer you the following services:

• The complete handling of purchasing a house, viewings, assessment and negotiation.
• The sale with all official obligations that come with such as transfer and finalizing at the notary.
• The appliance and/or transferral of utilities.
• Accession at the alien police, should you decide to permanently relocate to Hungary.
• Personal guidance by getting insurances for movable and immovable property.

In short; you buy a house through Honed Imexma and are guided and assisted until completion. Once the property is in your possession, we would gladly help you with the following issues:

• Construction or improvement of access roads and paths.
• Construction and maintenance of your garden.
• The annual maintenance of your house.
• In case you should want to let your newly acquired property or only stay there occasionally, we can take care of key drop-off, as well as cleaning, turning off/on heating and refrigerator, garden maintenance and purchase of the first necessary groceries for a pleasant arrival.

In case of purchase:
In case you decide to buy a property, a notary/lawyer will draw up a temporary contract. A 10% down payment will then be required as a security desired which will be deducted from the total price once the purchase is completed. The notary/lawyer will then go ahead drawing up the necessary documents, making inquiries at the land registry and remaining authorities in order to get all legal affairs in order. This process usually takes a few weeks after which the actual transfer takes place and you will be able to call yourself the proud owner of a beautiful property in Hungary. This entire process may in some cases even only take one day.
House prices vary greatly and may even start at around € 2,500. The notaries/lawyer that we work with charge very reasonable fees: approximately € 250 (transfer tax). Land registration expenses are approximately 2% of the purchase price and run up to max. 4 million Huf, from there on it is 4% of the purchase price.

We trust with this website we have given you a good insight as to what our activities are and would be happy to provide more information if needed.

Businesses buy or start in Hungary:
People with the right attitude and perseverance can buy a business in Hungary and be their own boss. In the U.K. for instance it is becoming increasingly difficult for self-employed entrepeneurs to support themselves. More and more Brits start their own business, be it as an innkeeper or even as a fish famer.

Although it probably needs no explanation, you can think of for instance taxes, rules, expenses, etcetera, which pretty much takes the fun out of it. Still, starting a business in Hungary might still be the solution that you have long been waiting for.

In Hungary it is all much easier for businesses. You seldom hear from the tax collector’s office, there are no really aggravating rules and personnel is used to 12 hour working days, 7 days per week, starting from € 2 per hour.
The economy is taking big leaps forward and prosperity rises, in both the city and the countryside.

Nevertheless, some regions do better than others. Particularly around the capital Budapest and in Southwest Hungary the growth is impressive, which also generate new target groups of consumers.

Should you want to start a business without too much risk and take advantage of a growing economy, then Hungary is an opportunity you cannot miss.

In this respect we can as of the present also take care of the following:

• Mortgages
• Financing
• Life insurance
• Insurance
• Pension plans

Type of property